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         I’m very privileged to have two parents in my home. To have a free education which a lot of people don’t have in my home country. Living in New York City is a privilege I’m thankful for, its diversity has taught me a lot. It’s a privilege to have been born in a country that was not torn up by war. When it comes to myself, I’m privileged to not have to struggle with my identity much. Things like my sexual orientation, culture and economic class have never been a problem in my life. To live in the U.S which allows me to practice my religion freely, speak, and not be limited by my gender is a huge blessing.
For my online community, I chose an Instagram page called “Shaderoom”. I chose this page because it interested me how it uplifts black people, their business and their struggles but also can destroy people with the things they post. Although this page was meant to be gossip/ celebrity news it shines a light on the black community it’s positives and negatives. It has built a strong community of very opinionated followers. The comment sections to this page is a window into the minds of their loyal followers.
Although I’ve lived in America for most of my life, I come from a west African Country where the values and culture are very different. And with this page, they usually cater to their content for African American culture and struggles, and I feel like my biases from my birth culture will carry over into the research of this page.
Even though African Americans came from Africa, the time we’ve been forced to spend apart has drastically changed our cultures and values. In a way, it feels very strange to study culture that’s very close to home racially but very different in everything else.

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  1. Sara Sanchez
    Like you, I acknowledge that having a 2 parent household is a privilege, as a majority of the people I surround myself with have parents that were either never married or were once married but now divorced. I also am really intrigued by your choice on what online community to observe, as I don't keep up with what the shade room posts unless it shows up on my timeline; But when it does, it's usually topics that revolve around controversial subjects &/or drama
  2. Olivia Davila
    I love the shaderoom posts. I also relate to having a free education and living in New York City and being exposed to all the diversity and cultures.

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