Field Observation Discussion #3

I observed the field I work in while I was on my break and at the end of the day. I work in a dental surgery office. They only remove teeth; for example, wisdom teeth. It is a very fast paced environment. There is no actual time to rest. It seems that the mornings are much more busier than the afternoons. The assistants have to rush getting the room ready, setting up the sterilization area, and take all the x-rays. After that, they quickly have to set up the patient in the computers and the rooms before the doctor gets there. As the surgery is happening, the assistants have to do everything that the doctor asks and keep out their way.  After the surgeries, the assistants have to quickly clean the rooms and set up the next patient. As I observed, I noticed how sometimes the assistants got frustrated because they are overworked. I often heard them complaining about other females that do not put the work in and often heard about them complaining about having horrible management. As I spoke to some of the girls, I heard stories about how they have rebelled by quitting in bunches to fix the company; however, clearly it did not work. At the end of the day, the assistants have to clean the entire office. They have to clean the chairs, the table tops, and even the blood bucket and any little blood or teeth they see on the floor. After that they have to restock everything and prepare the room for the next day. This field was very stressful to observe because it constantly moving quickly.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Daniela Guichardo
    You did a good job of describing the all of the work that is done and the pace as well. It's good that you pointed out the pattern of frustration from the assistants.
  2. Iqra Jan
    I like how you described the dentist office in descriptive detail breaking down the environment of the office. I also like how you communicated with some of the people in the office,efficiently explaining the office including things like what the assistants do and their emotions such as them feeling frustrated.
  3. Adrian Aguilar
    Good detail enjoyed how you mentioned the gory parts. Your information gave me a inner mindset of the position people take in the dentist office.

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