Incel is a community online of predominantly western men who come together to share their experiences about their lack of love life due to women. Zack Beauchamp the author of the article states that at the beginning of this group the behaviors were men uplifting and relating to one another’s experiences. But as the group grew it attracted others who began blaming their lack of love life due to women and their judgemental behaviors. The Incel members became much more physical with their opinions and feelings. Hurting those who may not even be the cause of their problems. Their hatred stemmed from women but they began hurting mass amounts of people.
These men usually turn to the online Incel community because they’ve been rejected in real life. They tend to not have much self-confidence which they also blame on women. These behaviors and patterns tell us that the members of this community have been extremely hurt by an action of a female, which destroyed their self-confidence leaving them to believe all women are the same and all women deserve the worst. From an outsider point of view, we see them as angry, misogynist and trauma driven men. ReformedIncel, the creator of Incel and someone who is an insider, has even said that these men have let their rage take over.
Beauchamp’s analysis of this group is that its dangerous group that believes a lot of its hatred comes from evil beings of women. But he also clarified that this group has used universal things such as rejection and turned into hatred, anger, and revenge.  I agree with the author these men took a universal feeling that even the most beautiful human beings feel and turned it into something that can justify their horrible actions.

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