“Our Incel Problem”

Throughout the reading there are different things that tend to come up often, sort of like the main idea of the article. Two of the trends that the author mentioned were the ages and the gender in the group. Before the change in  reasoning for this group, there were woman and men who talked and gave advice about dating. It was more of a safe space for questions to be asked and advice to be given. According to the article, after the change in the groups motives, the age range was from 16-30 and the gender of the group consists of mainly men. Woman were no longer allowed in the group because now they were the target. Another major trend that runs throughout the group is the fact that the men are not able to keep a girlfriend or get a date in the first place. They blame women for not being able to be socially and sexually acceptable in society. The members of the community are men who are down and out. They decide to take their anger out on woman because they feel less than or felt less than in the past and can’t handle it. It’s honestly a big pity party in my book but with more aggression and stupidity. In the end, the author shows how the group was one thing in the beginning and led to a whole other community solely off of toxic masculinity. Communities grow and expand in many different ways but this ones foundation was completely changed and thrown off course.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. bethanie corona
    I think the way you addressed how women were a "target for the group was the best way to explain their treatment of women in the group. Also, I completely agree with your comment about Incel being a "pity party."
  2. Marieme Jiddou
    It's sad to see how a group that was used to relate to one another became aggressive and violent and making stupid decisions like you said. Their hatred for all women doesn't make sense to me at all.

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