Some of my privileges may affect my research in the economic sense. I am researching an online trading community. In order to trade, one must need money. Unfortunately, if one does not have money that makes it complicated for a person to join the community. As a person who has their own job and who does not live at such a disadvantage, it was easier for me to join the community. I was able to wait for my next paycheck and join right away. Some of these people had to wait in order to join the company. They had to wait month or ask people for money in order to start. In my case, I was even able to fund my account and I did not have to wait months like the others did. When one person joins the platform, they are creating their own business. When they create their own business, they are able to add people to it and once they start, they get paid by the company. Once that happens, the people who did not have enough money to start, now have some money to fund their account. However, I am able to fund my account with the money that the company gives me and when my job pays me. Some of the people in the company are just able to fund their accounts with the money given to them by the company. Sometimes, I do not realize how fortunate I am to being very ambitious and hard working.

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  1. Angel Pacheco
    I think you did a good job describing how vital money is in the trading community and how much of a privilege you gain in this community simply by having easier access to it.

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