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Some specific trends the author notes about the members of the incel community is that somewhere in their life they have had some form of rejection from life and women. Many share that they had been bullied when they were younger or have qualities about themselves that are not valued in our current culture or not deemed attractive. Some shared their disabilities such as autism and having extreme anxiety which can lead to being introverted and avoiding social situations. All the members of the incel communities are young men aged sixteen to thirty.

The patterns that inform the insider experience in this community is the constant loneliness and rejection that these men have experienced which later develops into rage against women which eventually becomes hatred. What that tells me at least about the members of the community is that they don’t want to empower their members to be confident (which will get them women guaranteed), they want them angry, sad, to feel sorry for themselves and blame a whole gender on their misfortunes in life. The members of the community need an outlet to express their rage and sorrow. Instead of turning their misfortunes into a positive thing and discovering a healthy outlet. The incel community wants to stay and melt in their insecurities, which in my opinion will never help them with women instead push them away. It’s like their doomed from the start, just bringing their pain deeper into their subconsciousness. When people experience trauma it’s a very delicate situation. A good way to combat trauma is support from other people who have experienced the same thing. To also combat it you need to accept it to move on to better yourself. Using rage as a way to deal with your problems just gets you into more problems. Your moving from a place of hurt that needs to be addressed.

I really liked how Beauchamp balanced factual evidence and personal stories of people of the incel community. I think the analysis of this community relates to a lot of things we experience in this world such as sexism and misogyny. It tears women down. It’s an outlet to openly hate women due to their lack of understanding and hatred of themselves. It moves in a circle once you get hurt you move your hurt onto someone else. And that just keeps repeating until you break it.  I was disgusted to read that this community was twisted into hating women and actually killing innocent people. But I hate to say that it didn’t surprise me.

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  1. Sharon Leal
    Hey, I also agree that a trend was that Incels had a form of rejection and quite possibly lack of confidence, especially since they work hard on their appearance for others to like and approach them, not for their own good feelings. I admit this sounds like every other man or woman in this world but as Beauchamp said, it might just come back to a misogynistic rage or lead others into it.

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