Reading Response #2

The author Zack Beauchamp goes into great detail describing the demographic that the incel community is composed of. What I find interesting is that many of the people in the incel community are not monsters that commit acts of violence (although of course there are very much examples of that) but rather lonely, young, and frustated men. It is very sad to see these young men begin their journey down a very dark path. I think the incel community breeds an attitude of hopelessness, and hatred, but again these men aren’t all villains, they just have very small (if any) support networks and thus these incel communities are the only place where they can find some sort of social support. Unfortunately, seeking these communities out as support networks instills the bad mentalities onto these young men and thus the misogynistic attitudes are spread.

Besides that though, I think that the patterns shown here help to enhance our understanding of the insider experience  in many ways. The author helps us learn just what kind of people are in this incel community and I think it is good that they actually interview some members of this community so we can get a better understanding of them. As stated above, the demographic is primarily frustrated, lonely, young men who seem to want validation of how they feel, they seem to want to find others who are like them, and who have gone through what they have.

The authors analysis of this community shows how the misogynistic attitudes can spread through these communities and why these young men in particular are so vulnerable to adopting these particular misogynistic mindsets that the incel community has.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Iqra Jan
    I like the way you kept an open-minded view on the community of Incels seeing them as men who are not all violent, but just lonely men who only can seek support from this group and that these misogynistic attitudes have made them vulnerable to seeking help/change.
  2. bethanie corona
    Good job explaining the trends and patterns amongst the group. Identifying the type of people in the group is important to the goals of the group. Stating that in this incel community the demographic is primarily frustrated, lonely, young men who seem to want validation of how they feel was well said.

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