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Involuntary celibacy, otherwise known as “incels” are people who have very severe romantic troubles. In the excerpt from the article the author interviews various people from the incel community and notes various patterns amongst them all. The majority of incels are males, aging anywhere under 30. They all share this hate for women because of their romantic troubles. They believe these troubles are womens fault, who choose to only seek material things in men. So long as their loneliness continues, they will continue to hate women. Many of these men have their very own issues, and joined together in this community they share their horrid experiences with women and relationships. As a whole, a lot of incels have a lack of confidence. This is something that some have always had due to their very own personal flaws that they see within themselves. Others believe their confidence was destroyed due to their experiences with women. This keeps them down, where they just continue to build all of the hate and anger toward women. In a wider spectrum incels represent the age-old misogyny that has existed all throughout history. Women have been subject to prejudice, much of which has been perpetuated by men.  Men who project their hate on to women because of their very own issues and seek to destroy women and degrade them. As technology has advanced incels just found a medium to form communities where they share this hate.

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  1. Angel Pacheco
    I like how you basically describe how the problem with the incel community is that its basically a vicious cycle of hate and self-loathing.
  2. Iqra Jan
    I like how you mentioned that technology has advanced Incels, it has allowed them to become a group of lonely isolated men who can share there hate towards women online.

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