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The author notes that the members of the incel community tend to blame women for not being able to date. According to Beauchamp, this led to violence and mistreatment of women. What was meant to be a community for those who deemed themselves awkward when it comes to dating turned into a misogynistic community. Another pattern is of how they despise women and believing that they are shallow and only go for cute or attractive guys after dating does not work out for them. They also tend to be cruel to the women in their life and are prone to commit harassment and sexual assault. 

These patterns inform the insider experience in this community by highlighting shared opinions and activities among the incel community. They tell us that they have a low-self esteem, they think that since their relationship did not work is because the woman they were with did not find them attractive thus prompting them to despise women. The incel community managed to find people whom they can relate to and vice versa and somewhat comfort each other. But over the years, the community became a place for hatred that for the most part was directed at women from men who experienced rejection.

The author’s analysis of this community relates to a wider context that involves violence. The author managed to find out that those who were and still are part of the incel community tend to become more violent and prone to commit mass rape, sexual assault, and even kill others as seen in the Toronto incident.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Yaya Camara
    I agree with what you said. I also wonder how did Intel community shift into what it is today?
  2. Thais Nunez
    I agree with what you said they have become very cruel to women and even in a way they have become a hate group.
  3. Sara Sanchez
    I agree and genuinely believe in how you said incel's shared opinions & activities reflect their low self esteem and that this in turn, like the author says, can and does lead to violence being inflicted upon women. You supported your writing with Toronto incident as a prime example.
  4. JingWen Lei
    I agree with you that despite the inevitable dark side of this community, the community still provides people with a strong sense of belonging after they have suffered psychological trauma.

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