Reading Response #2

Syed Shataj Hosain

Writing For Social Science

Professor Shamecca A. Harris

Discussion Post- 2 

6th April, 2020.

                        “Our Incel Problem” by Zack Beauchamp talks about a group of teenagers who become using a phrase to describe their romantic troubles called “Incel” on the internet. Incels are a member of an online subculture whose belief that they are unable to find romantic or sexual partners depire wishing for one. Incels are mostly white male, male and homosextulas who are mainly from East Asian, South Asian, black, and Latino. Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by those males who are mentally unstable, autism, racism, people who get violated againt sexaility and poeple who suffered personal trauma. The author  Zack Beauchamp mentioned that all the members of the intel community share the same beliefs and they have suffered the common things. Like most of the members believe that they were ugly, labelled themselves as losers, they were not capable of love because of some childhood trauma which ruined their romantic chances. The pattern and the trend for the community shows that they all believe the same thing that  they were sexually deprived due to social awkwardness. Some of them were bullied so badly that they have lack of self confidence which led me to develop severe anxiety and self-hatred. Recently, the intel community has increasingly become more extremist and focused on violence. As an insider they all went through the same thing according to them and that is why they love being a part of intel subculture. Some members of incel communities have led to numerous bans from websites and web hosts. The analysis of the author towards this community relates to a wider context by informing people about the intel subculture. Many people do not know about their subculture which can harm them on social media or in real life. Incels came to wider public notice with the banning of the subreddit and when a series of mass murders were committed by those members of the intel community. Some of them describe how so many people do not understand their feelings and the suffering except their own members who suffered the same thing as them. However, the intel world gets scary when it comes into real life. 



Comments ( 3 )

  1. Olivia Davila
    I agree with what you said. I especially liked how you made sure to mention the type of men that were apart of the community and how they came from different backgrounds or have suffered from trauma.
  2. JingWen Lei
    I agree with you. The online community is not only good. When it becomes a threat to enter our real life, we need to think more about whether it should exist.
  3. Mohammed Hossain
    I like how you mentioned the race and ethnicity of the members of the online community. This surprising because I know who few people who are like them but not in the group. I wonder what can be the reason for only people from certain race is in the online community?

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