Reading Response #2

Asadullah Bin Amir 

Prof. Shamecca Harris 



Reading Response #2 

The excerpt from “Our Incel Problem” by Zack Beauchamp captures an online community by the name of Incel. At the beginning of the launch of this community it was set to bring people together who were awkward in the subject of dating or life in general. Incel became a platform for individuals to express their problems and to find comfort in advice given from strangers. However, it was soon almost unrecognizable when an incident involving two people. When Two college students were injured, and one ended up dying while about 26 other people were injured. It was later found that the driver was a part of the modern Incel community. The modern Incel community is mainly made up of males, and became very sexist over the few years. The community was unrecognizable from its origin, where the community was very welcoming and open – minded but now existed as a very close minded community full of hatred. The author then moves on to describe how he discovered said online community and describes it as a very hostile place where men have been bashing females for being shallow creatures. As shown in this quote, “ amounting to fundamental rejections of women’s sexual emancipation, labeling women shallow, cruel creatures who will choose only the most attractive men if given the choice”. Due to these patterns and trends, it is quite obvious that Incel as a community is very hostile and dangerous towards women.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Sharon Leal
    I agree that this community can be dangerous for women, especially when they think they are owed intimacy and sex and have gone as far as cheering for the death of Chung and promoting acid attacks. Women aren't responsible for the sexual gratification of men, unlike their beliefs.
  2. Abigail Banton
    I liked how you used the word unrecognizable to describe the contents of the community. I think its the best word to convey what the author is trying to say.
  3. Ashley Borja
    I like how you mentioned the danger that the community poses to women. It is unrecognizable from its origin of being a "social justice warrior community".

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