Reading Response #3

 Reading “Who are the flat Earthers?”, I decided to give the essay a 91.75 grade.  With organization, style, creativity, grammar & mechanics, receiving exemplary grades, I felt that content and development was lacking. Regarding content I felt that the social-scientific interpretation was not enough. Even though the writer included info on the haters in the community there was no direct quote towards the theory other than mockery of the logo. In development I felt that the piece was missing the communities norms. I would have liked to know more about what actions the flat earth community was taking in society instead of only what was seen on the discussion board. Overall I did feel the piece was creativity and the title was what attracted me the most to learning about the Flat Earthers.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Yaya Camara
    I agree with how you graded development and content. If the author would've provide more quotes that shows the beliefs of the Flat Earth community, and not just focusing on the discussion boards, they would've got a higher grade.
  2. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I agree with your grading criteria because the author gave very good explanation about Flat Earth community and we got to learn thing about that community.
  3. Elizabeth Cayetano
    I agree that the content and development was somewhat lacking but overall they did a pretty good job at researching the online community.
  4. Sharon Leal
    I agree that a direct quote is needed when referencing something specific and it does sound interesting.

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