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Reading Response #3

Posted by Elena Bertolotti on

I was drawn immediately to “when words do more than hurt” simply because of the title. I think the structure of the essay was really well done. She introduced the topic with background information to let the reader know what he/she was going to read. I think the ending of the essay was also done well ending it on her personal opinion on Sulli. However, I would have liked to have her state more of her opinion on the topic I thought at times it was a bit robotic. I think it would have been more interesting for her to state her relevance towards the topic and add that she was a fan in the beginning in order to draw the reader in more and give the reader in a way a sense to care. I give this author a 89%.


Reading Response #3: Ashley Borja

Posted by Ashley Borja on

I chose to evaluate, “Who are the Flat Earthers” and gave it a rating of 79%. The author provided essential details– like the communities vernacular within the essay. Terms such as “globalist” play a huge part in understanding how an insider within the online community views outsiders. Additionally, the essay was nicely organized with a coherent timeline. However, the author lacked significant quotes. The author should have used a lot more quotes from insiders within the community. The essay could have also included a more in-depth analysis of the online community including it’s demographic. It would have been nice if the author communicated with an insider and asked them more about their experience. Overall, the essay was nicely throughout but needed to have a better focus on the online community itself.


Reading Response #3

Posted by JingWen Lei on

I review “When words do more than just hurt” and giving 90 grades. The content analyzed the “Sulli” community culture that a kop star Sulli committed suicide due to verbal violence, and her fans gathered to mourn. The author records people with different opinions in the community and states objective facts. But I think she lacks some of her own subjective ideas. In terms of development, the author introduced the background behind the culture, such as the reason why Sulli was violent by online language. The organization of the entire article is very good, let readers understand the community. I think the author ’s search survey is very detailed, but I rarely see her own ideas. The topic is very attractive. Internet language violence is a serious problem in modern times.


Reading Response #3 [Daniela Guichardo]

Posted by Daniela Guichardo on

I decided to evaluate the essay “When Words do More Than Hurt,” giving it a grade of 96%. The author organized their observations of an interesting hashtag with no grammatical errors. They also developed their community with a thick description and painting a vivid picture of the culture. I took off points because I think the author could have inserted their point of view a bit more throughout the piece. However, the writer did add other comments and news to mold the culture into a well-rounded picture. Overall, this essay did a good job of informing readers of the behaviors of the community they studied.


Essay #2 response

Posted by Mohammed Hossain on

For this assignment, I have decided to do “Who are the Flat Earthers?”. To begin with, the opening of the essay was good. Like the storytelling caught my attention. The essay itself was sort of lacking information. For example, he/she could have talked about the online community a little more. Also, did not talk about what was happening in the community as much. The author could have added some quotes from the members of the community. The conclusion is a little weak. Other than that the organization and grammar were fine.


Reading Response #3 “Who Needs Feminism When You have Feminity?”

Posted by Milton Isaiah Rivera on

While I do like the premise of the essay, and how it introduces a new aspect of a woman’s thoughts on her society and how she should behave in it, I found this essay lacked some credibility. I didn’t really pay attention to minor things such as spelling or grammar, but when a piece of data was introduced, and it wasn’t followed by a source I felt bored reading the essay. I didn’t know if the writer was making the data up, or if they got their data from a heavily biased and unreliable news source so I knew to take their words with a grain of salt. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed the title and the contents of the essay, and overall I would give it a B+/A-.


Reading Response #3

Posted by Olivia Davila on

I read “Who Are The Flat Earthers?” by Richi Barua for this assignment. The writer did give us a basic understanding of the Flat earther community and what they believed in. however, I thought that the author could’ve done more with it. A lot fo his evidence and points were not too compelling especially for a topic like this. I thought that the essay was fairly organized and that the development was adequate since the evidence wasn’t super concrete. I think that the writer should have delved into the topic more since it is pretty controversial and there are many videos on it. Maybe instead of only using a video that showed flat earthers and scientists he could’ve used a parody video as well and observed the behavior between flat earthers and the rest of the people online. Even Though the writer did include some of the language and behaviors some of the flat earthers use, I felt like there wasn’t much interaction between the writer and the community itself. The writer did have good grammar and the introduction was compelling. I give this essay an above-average grade but there are definitely places for improvements. 


Response #3

Posted by Elizabeth Cayetano on

“Who Are The Flat Earthers” by Richi Barua

I’d give this essay a 75% because it was well structured and contained a brief analysis of the Flat Earthers community. The author’s opinions, reactions, and assumptions were, for the most part, well incorporated. Very little grammatical error. The essay contains a few quotes from the people within the community. The topic was interesting which is why I think there could have been more information. The reason why I did not give it a higher grade is because there was not enough details and background information regarding the community such as demographics and behavior. The conclusion could have been a little bit stronger but overall it was adequate in my opinion.


Response Three

Posted by Yaya Camara on

For this assignment, I read “Who are the Flat Earthers?” by Richi Barua. The writer did a good job explaining the Flat Earth society and their beliefs. The writer provided historical background about the community and described their relationship with people who believe the Earth is round. I gave the writer an adequate grade for content, development, and organization. I think the author deserves adequate for these standards because the intro and conclusion could have been stronger, and the quotes could have been more descriptive for the Flat Earth side. However, I gave an above average grade for style, creativity, and grammar. The writer chose an interesting topic and was able to support it with strong sentences with good grammar. To conclude, I believe the author did a good job writing about the Flat Earth community.


Reading Response #3

Posted by Adrian Aguilar on

 Reading “Who are the flat Earthers?”, I decided to give the essay a 91.75 grade.  With organization, style, creativity, grammar & mechanics, receiving exemplary grades, I felt that content and development was lacking. Regarding content I felt that the social-scientific interpretation was not enough. Even though the writer included info on the haters in the community there was no direct quote towards the theory other than mockery of the logo. In development I felt that the piece was missing the communities norms. I would have liked to know more about what actions the flat earth community was taking in society instead of only what was seen on the discussion board. Overall I did feel the piece was creativity and the title was what attracted me the most to learning about the Flat Earthers.

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