Reading Response #3: Ashley Borja

I chose to evaluate, “Who are the Flat Earthers” and gave it a rating of 79%. The author provided essential details– like the communities vernacular within the essay. Terms such as “globalist” play a huge part in understanding how an insider within the online community views outsiders. Additionally, the essay was nicely organized with a coherent timeline. However, the author lacked significant quotes. The author should have used a lot more quotes from insiders within the community. The essay could have also included a more in-depth analysis of the online community including it’s demographic. It would have been nice if the author communicated with an insider and asked them more about their experience. Overall, the essay was nicely throughout but needed to have a better focus on the online community itself.

Comment ( 1 )

  1. Elena Bertolotti
    I liked how you talked about the timeline of the essay, and really tried to emphasize the importance of focusing more on significant quotes.

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