Reading Response #3

I read “Who Are The Flat Earthers?” by Richi Barua for this assignment. The writer did give us a basic understanding of the Flat earther community and what they believed in. however, I thought that the author could’ve done more with it. A lot fo his evidence and points were not too compelling especially for a topic like this. I thought that the essay was fairly organized and that the development was adequate since the evidence wasn’t super concrete. I think that the writer should have delved into the topic more since it is pretty controversial and there are many videos on it. Maybe instead of only using a video that showed flat earthers and scientists he could’ve used a parody video as well and observed the behavior between flat earthers and the rest of the people online. Even Though the writer did include some of the language and behaviors some of the flat earthers use, I felt like there wasn’t much interaction between the writer and the community itself. The writer did have good grammar and the introduction was compelling. I give this essay an above-average grade but there are definitely places for improvements. 

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I agree with you, and when thinking about our topics we need to think about it as a whole rather than just a small piece. You can focus on just the group itself, but it would be a more rounded essay if it introduced multiple sides.
  2. Mohammed Hossain
    I agree with you on the point that the author provided the basic info about the topic. I also think he/she can do a little better because as a reader, I wasn't fully sure of what the communities goal was
  3. Daniela Guichardo
    I agree with you on how the author could have added more concrete evidence. I think the author focused a bit too much on the flow of how he found the information instead of really analyzing the data.
  4. JingWen Lei
    I agree with your idea that the analysis of the evidence collected by him still needs improvement. He needs to improve some analysis and summary skills.
  5. Ashley Borja
    I agree that this essay needed a better analysis. The author could have included better details about the community within the essay. The work lacked significant evidence and analysis.

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