Reading Response #3 “Who Needs Feminism When You have Feminity?”

While I do like the premise of the essay, and how it introduces a new aspect of a woman’s thoughts on her society and how she should behave in it, I found this essay lacked some credibility. I didn’t really pay attention to minor things such as spelling or grammar, but when a piece of data was introduced, and it wasn’t followed by a source I felt bored reading the essay. I didn’t know if the writer was making the data up, or if they got their data from a heavily biased and unreliable news source so I knew to take their words with a grain of salt. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed the title and the contents of the essay, and overall I would give it a B+/A-.

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  1. Elena Bertolotti
    I liked how you mentioned credibility I feel as well that it is really important to establish in the beginning so the reader has a purpose to read the essay !

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