Response Three

For this assignment, I read “Who are the Flat Earthers?” by Richi Barua. The writer did a good job explaining the Flat Earth society and their beliefs. The writer provided historical background about the community and described their relationship with people who believe the Earth is round. I gave the writer an adequate grade for content, development, and organization. I think the author deserves adequate for these standards because the intro and conclusion could have been stronger, and the quotes could have been more descriptive for the Flat Earth side. However, I gave an above average grade for style, creativity, and grammar. The writer chose an interesting topic and was able to support it with strong sentences with good grammar. To conclude, I believe the author did a good job writing about the Flat Earth community.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Elizabeth Cayetano
    I agree with the fact that the intro and the conclusion could have been stronger which is why it was adequate in my opinion. The topic/online community chosen was very interesting.
  2. Milton Isaiah Rivera
    I really like how you brought up the fact that the introduction and conclusion are vital to an essay. I even find myself lacking in that department, but reading your response gave me a fresh outlook on how I should conduct myself in essays.

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