Reading Response #3

I was drawn immediately to “when words do more than hurt” simply because of the title. I think the structure of the essay was really well done. She introduced the topic with background information to let the reader know what he/she was going to read. I think the ending of the essay was also done well ending it on her personal opinion on Sulli. However, I would have liked to have her state more of her opinion on the topic I thought at times it was a bit robotic. I think it would have been more interesting for her to state her relevance towards the topic and add that she was a fan in the beginning in order to draw the reader in more and give the reader in a way a sense to care. I give this author a 89%.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. bethanie corona
    I agree, the title was unique for an essay and balanced her descriptions with her opinions on the topic.
  2. Angel Pacheco
    I think I actually agree that the author could have included more of their own opinion, seeing you mention it here.

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