Reading Response #3

I review “When words do more than just hurt” and giving 90 grades. The content analyzed the “Sulli” community culture that a kop star Sulli committed suicide due to verbal violence, and her fans gathered to mourn. The author records people with different opinions in the community and states objective facts. But I think she lacks some of her own subjective ideas. In terms of development, the author introduced the background behind the culture, such as the reason why Sulli was violent by online language. The organization of the entire article is very good, let readers understand the community. I think the author ’s search survey is very detailed, but I rarely see her own ideas. The topic is very attractive. Internet language violence is a serious problem in modern times.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Sharon Leal
    I find it helpful that you said the author doesnt share their own ideas because a paper like this should have two sides of a story, ones beliefs and the facts, like the textbook reading said.
  2. Marieme Jiddou
    The Sulli story had such a big impact in the world of kpop and it brought attention to what you said: hate speech is a serious problem in our modern world. Especially when it's so easy to jump online and write whatever you want without any consequences.
  3. Angel Pacheco
    My rating of the essay was very similar to yours, and I agree that the author did a good job with the organization of their essay.

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