Reading Response # 3

Syed Shataj Hosain

Writing For Social Science

Professor Shamecca A. Harris

Discussion Post- 3

6th April, 2020.


                  “When Words Do More Than Just Hurt” by Ramandeep Kaur is about the K-pop community which is pretty famous around global growth of  Korean culture. In his essay he talks about a famous K-pop celebrity Suli whose real name is Choi Junri, she was a former member of K-pop girl group. Sulli attempted suicide on her own apartment since she was dealing with depression for many years. After this incident, her fans used social media platforms to show their sympathy toward her. Some used #Sulli on twitter and shared her good memories. After her death, many people apologize for their hate comments about the idol. However, it was not the first time that an idol in the online community was bullied and lost life. The author did a great job on the content and development because he provided all the content to understand the topic for the readers. I would like to give him 100%  for the content and development. Also, the organization, style and for the creativity he should get above average because he mentioned everything and followed the rubric. The author described the topic very well for the audience to understand the content and his grammar and mechanics were on point. So, it concludes total (A-).


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