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When approaching my writing I always have approached writing head on. I never really had a proper writing process. When beginning writing I didn’t look at structure and focused on trying to put my thoughts on paper. This process has changed over the semester because this semester I have been able to improve my writing by breaking down my writing into parts and not having to deal with the panic when writing essays.

When writing essays I try to do lots of research before beginning my writing. I usually try to have various sources/cites so I can have a solid idea before I even begin writing. It gives me ease having something to work with before I begin to write. When given a assignment I try to go through the criteria quickly and create a question that needs to be answered. As I go through the process of writing I tend to start with the body paragraphs and basically throw all my thoughts on the paper. After I’ve put all I could on my topic then I go back and revise.

After this I work on my introduction. I usually spend the longest time on my introduction as it is the beginning of the essay. I usually rewrite my introduction multiple times before I look back at the body paragraphs and the word vomit I wrote. Through this class I became more aware of my structure and if what I’m writing ties back to my thesis. From writing essay #3 I realized I focused a lot on context and summarizes my sources not adding enough of analysis/my voice. Writing essay #3 I became more aware of trying to connect and compare all my sources instead of just talking about them.

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  1. Daniela Guichardo
    I think it is interesting how you start with body paragraphs first and then add an introduction. I agree that having sources beforehand helps to establish a solid argument.

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