Reading Response

Mohammed Hossain

Shamecca Harris




Elise Wu is a patient with a disorder called Factitious Disorder.  This disorder comes from the worry of not receiving attention from people they love. So they fake their illnesses to get the attention they want. One time Wu went on internet and did some research about faking injuries and found out it was a sort of a disorder so wu took a break from it for about 2 years. Wu found a online community of people with with similar situation as her. . She was  always checking posts that were being posted on the site, taking notes of time and dates for the posts. She also notes down who posts what in the group. Well for source, she uses her own experiences Recalls the moment when a doctor was giving lessons to students while she was on the hospital bed. This made her realize that the doctors knew about Wu’s fake illness and were telling it to the students. Also, Wu used fake identity to hide herself from others. Wu uses the language “coming out” , a way to tell the people that she faked her illness. The footnotes were very helpful. It gives the reader a clear sense of what the author is trying to present.

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