Response to “A Report from Occupied Territory”

Racism has been brought out to the country since ancient times. Whether it was to the blacks, Asians or any other race, racism always existed. In this case, the negros were being abused by the white cops. The blacks were never sought as equal to the southern residents of America. Even if the blacks or negros were seen as animals in the eyes of whites, the blacks still had family that they had to take care of. In the article, a salesman named Frank Stafford has been brutally abused by the cops. Even though he has lost half his vision due to the encounter with the cops, he hasn’t sought revenge on the cops. Instead, he decides to take care of his family. This shows that no matter the race, everyone cares or deems their family more important than anything else in the world. Frank inspires many and if the past has seen the future meaning Frank, then the past would be proud to have such a descendant. The past should ask questions regarding what inspires and what motivates him to reframe himself from seeking vengeance. If he was a man of the past he would be a shining star to children of black or all children. In regards to his own mental and physical health, he still went and ask why the cops were beating the black child up and making life hell for them. Life as a child should undergo a pleasant and unhateful childhood to prevent their adulthood to be filled with hatred and suffering. I have a feeling this man could make great and inspiring speeches for all to hear. If he has the chance to ever come out of that hell he is currently living in, he should go and mold young minds to become better and more outstanding citizens. Other sources of information the fieldworkers should use to understand the culture are experience the life of a citizen of a free country. Such as our world today but even if the world is free, racism still occurs throughout the world we live in today. In our world today, people seem to judge others by their appearances and not by their personalities and what they might’ve experienced throughout their life. One might be seen as a homeless person to others, but he might’ve been a soldier of our country who experience the fear of war first handed. He who might’ve lost a limb and prevented him to furthermore carry out his life to the fullest. Therefore the fieldworkers should have a chance to experience life as a free citizen. There is no other better source than experiencing it first hand themselves. 

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Marieme Jiddou
    I like the perspective you took that everyone had family, a family is really the center of all of our lives. So it's a really good thing you picked up on that and used it as part of the society we live in. But I think even if Frankie wanted to take revenge on the cops that would only get him killed or hurt his family, at that time no blacks had the power to do that.
  2. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I liked how you describe that also in todays world people judge each other by their looks but not by their personalities. And how people see each other does not matter what ethnicity they belong to, at some point of like we all get jugded by someone and I agree with that too.
  3. Angel Pacheco
    I like how you mentioned how everyone regardless of race has a family to take care of. I think its good to bring up how we all have similar beliefs deep down, despite our different outside appearances. More people having this kind of empathy and understanding for one another would do a lot to help eliminate racism in our society.

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