Response to “The Hustlers at Scores”

This reading tells the story of the lives of strippers who depend on Wall Street clients after the financial crisis. The club’s main customers were the men of Wall Street. These strippers can easily make a lot of money in one night. Like putting some medicine in their drink and then taking their credit card and wiping out a lot of money. There are also some subcultures in their careers, such as when they are over 30, they are no longer suitable to stay in this job, which is always suitable for young girls. They believe that “They are there for me to manipulate and take money from.” so they don’t feel guilty about making a lot of money from men. The reason these clubs stay open for so long is that men who have been cheated often don’t report them when they’re sober, because they don’t want to expose their sexuality and stupidity.

Rosie is from an immigrant family, from her family background that her parents left her when she was young, without a good education by her parents, her kid’s life was terrible. In particular, there was an elderly grandmother who needed to earn money to support her family. Her poor home environment led her to work as a stripper. Most strippers also come from poor families, which explains their growing desire to earn money in the job. For example, at first, they only want to earn 1000 dollars, then 10000 dollars and the increasing desire makes them unable to stop. And what we can learn from this background information about why they’re going to be strippers and getting more involved.

Pressler has created a living image by describing her informant’s life and work experience in the past. Explained why Rosie got used to this quick way of getting money, and in the company of her companions, she no longer found cheating or selling meat so strange and ugly. Also, a description of one of the strippers, named Samantha Barbash, gives readers a mental picture of her. It gives the changes in appearance caused by working in that kind of environment. In conclusion, this is not only the experience of strippers but also some of the pathologies in society. When girls don’t have a good diploma, they can’t find high-paying jobs when they go out of society. Then these can quickly get high – paying jobs have a great attraction for them.

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  1. Ashley Borja
    I like how you wrote in-depth parts of the background information that developed Rosie's narrative. I found it interesting how you noticed that the more exposure Rosie got the more it felt normal to her. I also agree with you that the exposure she received normalized certain actions and behaviors.

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