Disscusion #5

When I am going to write an assignment, first I will read the introduction of this assignment. The topic we are going to write and its requirements. For some simple writing projects, I will start writing after I read the requirements. For projects like an essay, I will need more preparation time. First, I will go find some background information which will help me to understand more. In this class, I like to read different sample essay and compare them, I use a similar format in my essay. Then I will think about the subject, create the inspiration for writing as much as possible, and then expand to a larger aspect. I will make a writing plan in my mind, and then read articles about the subject to help me sort out ideas. It is a long process for me to start writing, therefore the beginning is the most difficult part for me to start a new essay.

I learned that the complete structure of an article needs to be abstract to the citation, which helps me understand how to construct a comprehensive article. Also, after I completed a series of writing steps, I learned many tips on how to improve my article. Compare to my first draft and second draft, my thinking has improved a lot. In the final draft, I learned to analyze better, I learn to use evidence to connect with my topic instead of going straight to the conclusion after I put all my evidence.

My writing skills are very weak, and this class has undoubtedly provided me a lot of help. When I write the first draft, I often feel confused, I have no clear idea of how to structure the subject of my article. I will receive many suggestions from classmates and professors to help me improve, and my main idea will get more clear. After much writing training in this class, I feel that my writing skills have been improved. Every time I got the professor’s comments in the first draft and it became an experience for me. Previously, my article was a chaotic structure, now I will pay attention to the coherence from top to bottom, formulate a clear theme so that each of my paragraphs has a central sentence. This has given me a lot of help in writing skills.

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  1. Daniela Guichardo
    I also think it is important to look over an assignment's rubric and sample essays to understand the structure of the task. Having someone read through your work really does help you see where you can improve your writing.

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