Post 5

Even if you give me a month to finish an essay I won’t be able to do it unless I’m under immense pressure. My mind is always wondering but when I’m under pressure my mind doesn’t have time to think it just writes and for the most part that works well for me. This process gives me a lot of stress.  One thing I do need to prepare for before writing an essay is just choosing my sources after that I usually wait two days before it’s due to start working on it. I need to know what my sources are and how I’m going to use each one throughout my essay. When I know that it feels like I’ve already written my essay.
With this class, it was good to know that most of the essay already wrote itself because of the assignments leading up to it. What sucked about doing all these assignments though, is that I would barely use that information in my final essay. In essay 3, my writing changed a lot. The literature review just seemed to finalize everything I would write in my final essay. I don’t know what it was about the literature review but it helped me decide what I wanted in my essay and didn’t end up changing my mind like usually would.
My writing process changed for the better thanks to essay 3. It helped organize my thoughts and opinions about each source, which allowed for the rest of the paper to flow well. It also felt nice to not feel rushed and under stress.

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