Reading Response #2

The Incel society had developed overtime from what they originally were when they began. The author noticed that the Incel society back then used to go online and ask each other about advice when it came to them being hurt by a significant other or a person they really liked. However, overtime that had changed. The website then became a platform of hatred for women. As the author investigated more he had seen that this platform was full of men that seen women has toxic human beings. They wish a lot of hatred on women and even banned them from the platform. The author of the writing has gotten a lot of information himself by reviewing the comments of what the people feel. He has seen that these people are full of hate but mainly because they are very hurt. So they wish bad upon women and sometimes even talk about hurting women. As stated in the text, the Incels had worshipped a man who killed people on the sidewalk with his fan, giving him praise and gratitude for eliminating people who supported being around women. Unfortunately, the author saw these patterns the more he scrolled through the site. It showed people’s true intentions on the site when it came to women. The author’s text relates to the wider text because it shows how people come together that have something in common and look for support from each other and sometimes that support may be harmful but people still want to be accepted.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I liked how you mentioned that the womens are being hated in the incel platform. Also, how people can show their true colors on the online community.
  2. Sara Sanchez
    I like that you speak of how the incel community, though one that causes and represents hatred, is one that goes to each other as support-but also acknowledging that not all support is good.

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