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By reading an excerpt from “Our Incel Problem” by Zack Beauchamp, he describes an incel (involuntary celibacy) community. In the past two decades, most of the Incel community has been affected by the community’s thinking and knowledge. A belief called “the blackpill” arises in this community, which is a sense of sexism. They mark women as a very low-level superficial creature, thinking that women will only choose excellent or attractive men. However, this belief is nothing but the dark side of their hearts, causing them to gradually separate from society.

The psychology of these patterns or trends informs the insider is relatively easily influenced by the behavior of others. As in the article, Abe suffered a bad emotional experience when he was young, the trauma in his heart transferred his emotions to the Internet. There are many young boys with similar experiences in the incel community, so when they get together, they will express their dissatisfaction. According to a survey of some users, most of these incels are under 30 years old and live in Europe or North America. The main attractor of this site is white. Their prejudice against women is the main issue discussed in this community. The incel ideology can easily push young people to extremes, and some terrorist attacks caused by incel have occurred in Toronto. In this community, they had many ideas of harming women and pushed the mistakes to women’s perspective. Gradually incel became a hate group that encouraged violence.

The author tells us about this group because it is not just a group that shares words. The existence of this community has already affected society. When we understand the mood and feelings of insiders, we can know what type of crowd they gather from. There is no doubt that we need to prevent their ideological violence from becoming behavioral violence.

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  1. Asadullah Bin Amir
    I like your description of what the community truly is

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