Reading Response #3

I read the essay #Sullie. It was a very powerful essay describing how powerful words can be and the fact they can be able to take away a person’s life. The author had a great set up throughout the essay and the way she portrayed the message she wanted to deliver. I want to give the essay a total of 86%. The author did clarify all that she wanted to say in a clear format and the way she described how the artist had lived her life. I would have wanted to see more quotes on the people who were really close to her and describe her experience about the hate on a more personal level. I really like how she even incorporated quotes about how Sullie felt and how she wanted people to stop judging her because she only wanted to progress in life, but unfortunately things did not go her way. Overall, the author did a really great job in organizing her thoughts and details.

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  1. Syed Shataj Hosain
    I liked how you described your opinion about the esaay and mentioned adding qoutes.

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