Reading Response #4

I chose “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships” to review, the content and theme of the article echo each other, Each source has a complete argument description, I will give him 28 points in the content section. Because the connection between each new knowledge point is very smooth, it allows the reader to correlate the answers with each other and better understand the search results. The essay has cited more than five scholarly sources and connected with the theme, so I give 25 in the development section. I think the introduction gives more information to talking about a healthy relationship instead of explaining the question. The conclusion made good answering the question, I will give 17 in the organization section. The grammar is good and the topic attracts my attention to read, so I give full credit for these two sections. Each paragraph in structure is not too long, it should be above average.


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Daniela Guichardo
    I agree with the critics you gave, especially with the sources connecting to each other.
  2. Sara Sanchez
    I agree that the paragraph structures are not too long, not making it a bad thing in this case. The writer doesn't add fluff, and when they're not directly quoting their sources they're paraphrasing them, allowing us to get adequate information from the source without reading the actual sources.

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