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Reading Response #4

Posted by Asadullah Bin Amir on

Asadullah Bin Amir 

Prof. Shamecca Harris 



Reading Response #4 


Essay: How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships

Grade: A- 


Response: After carefully evaluating the essay, I personally believe the essay lacks a perfect structure. Although the author uses multiple credible sources in order to back her claim, the arrangement of these sources lacked structure. Moving past that the essay was an amazing insight about something we all struggle with in this hookup culture. The author highlights that by showing the family contributions. Furthermore every article is backed with an interpretation which solidifies the author’s point. Conclusion is well written, revisits the original thesis while adding more information from the articles. Great piece, the only criticism I have is the structure of the articles used within the essay. 



Reading response 4

Posted by Mohammed Hossain on

I did my review on the essay “Act Like A Man, Act like a women”  which I gave the grade of 80. The research question is not that unique since there are many debates and controversial stuff on that topic in today’s society.   The organization of this essay is good. It has a strong introduction and conclusion. Also, I liked how the information was divided into sections.  The paper has five sources but they are not well explained. For example, the author used many pieces of evidence from the sources but they were not analyzed as much. They can elaborate on it more. Overall, the essay is good and answers the research question.


Reading Response #4

Posted by JingWen Lei on

I chose “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships” to review, the content and theme of the article echo each other, Each source has a complete argument description, I will give him 28 points in the content section. Because the connection between each new knowledge point is very smooth, it allows the reader to correlate the answers with each other and better understand the search results. The essay has cited more than five scholarly sources and connected with the theme, so I give 25 in the development section. I think the introduction gives more information to talking about a healthy relationship instead of explaining the question. The conclusion made good answering the question, I will give 17 in the organization section. The grammar is good and the topic attracts my attention to read, so I give full credit for these two sections. Each paragraph in structure is not too long, it should be above average.



Reading Response #4

Posted by Adrian Aguilar on

Adrian Aguilar 

Shamecca Harris

ENGL 21002
4 May 2020

Reading Response #4

Reviewing the essay “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships”, I gave the essay a 98.5% grade. Viewing the content I felt that the essay contrasted the two main causes, personality and environment, to forming a healthy relationship in a coherent fashion. I gave content that maximum score on the rubric. For development I also gave the maximum score because they had more than 5 scholarly sources, and each was used well in correlating the two causes. Viewing the structure I felt that the ideas flowed well and had great transitions between paragraphs; I gave full credit for this section. Concerning the research question and its causes, I felt that it needed more causes to clarify this belief. Possible more factual information, so I gave it a 8.5, under that section. Concerning style and mechanics I gave the author full credit. 

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