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Reading response 4

Posted by Mohammed Hossain on

I did my review on the essay “Act Like A Man, Act like a women”  which I gave the grade of 80. The research question is not that unique since there are many debates and controversial stuff on that topic in today’s society.   The organization of this essay is good. It has a strong introduction and conclusion. Also, I liked how the information was divided into sections.  The paper has five sources but they are not well explained. For example, the author used many pieces of evidence from the sources but they were not analyzed as much. They can elaborate on it more. Overall, the essay is good and answers the research question.


Reading Response #4

Posted by JingWen Lei on

I chose “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships” to review, the content and theme of the article echo each other, Each source has a complete argument description, I will give him 28 points in the content section. Because the connection between each new knowledge point is very smooth, it allows the reader to correlate the answers with each other and better understand the search results. The essay has cited more than five scholarly sources and connected with the theme, so I give 25 in the development section. I think the introduction gives more information to talking about a healthy relationship instead of explaining the question. The conclusion made good answering the question, I will give 17 in the organization section. The grammar is good and the topic attracts my attention to read, so I give full credit for these two sections. Each paragraph in structure is not too long, it should be above average.



Reading Response #4

Posted by Adrian Aguilar on

Adrian Aguilar 

Shamecca Harris

ENGL 21002
4 May 2020

Reading Response #4

Reviewing the essay “How Individual Upbringing Affects Young Adult Romantic Relationships”, I gave the essay a 98.5% grade. Viewing the content I felt that the essay contrasted the two main causes, personality and environment, to forming a healthy relationship in a coherent fashion. I gave content that maximum score on the rubric. For development I also gave the maximum score because they had more than 5 scholarly sources, and each was used well in correlating the two causes. Viewing the structure I felt that the ideas flowed well and had great transitions between paragraphs; I gave full credit for this section. Concerning the research question and its causes, I felt that it needed more causes to clarify this belief. Possible more factual information, so I gave it a 8.5, under that section. Concerning style and mechanics I gave the author full credit. 


Reading Response #4

Posted by Daniela Guichardo on

I chose to evaluate Ramandeep Kaur’s essay “Transracial Adoption: Controversies and Effects.” The essay did not have any grammatical errors that I picked on, therefore it gets five points. The author also used well-rounded and well-constructed sentences, so I give them the full ten points for style. I enjoyed their research question since it was fresh and unique, thus they get all ten points for the section. Kaur organized their paragraphs in well-divided thoughts with smooth transitions, each thought flowing into the next. They also incorporated at least 5 scholarly sources, though I believe they could connect these pieces thematically a bit more. So, I give them 20 points for organization and 23 points for development. The author thoughtfully compares and makes connections between sources. Kaur also effectively summarizes their sources while noting limitations of the research, so I give all 30 points for content. In total Kaur received 97 points from me.


Reading Response #3

Posted by Iqra Jan on

Reviewing the essay “When Words do More Than Just Hurt” by Ramandeep Kaur I would give the author an overall grade of 87. The author provides relevant background information as she discusses the K-pop star Sulli who committed suicide due to the hate she was recieving through her career. The author makes a compelling analysis of the online community following the hashtag “Sulli” and her fanbase as they mourn over her loss. The author paints a portrait of the community giving quotes on different members tweets in the community t. Overall the essay is well constructed and well worded. It starts off with a strong introduction and ends with her thoughts. The essay does address social and cultural norms giving multiple scenarios on how others responded to Sulli’s actions before and after her death. I would have liked to see more of the author’s subjective commentary throughout the essay and see how the hashtag Sulli used on other platforms besides twitter. The author focuses a lot on the direct observations and needs to note more on different trends/patterns noticed in their research.


Reading Response #1- “Outpatients” by Elise Wu

Posted by Christiane C. Campbell on

         Christiane Campbell

          The online community Wu is trying to portray is sufferers of Factitious Disorder, which causes people to pretend that something is wrong with them because they enjoy the attention and sympathy they receive from it. The sources she relies on for finding out more about the disorder are online forums for people who know someone with FD and those who actually have it and are on the road to healing. She creates a verbal portrait of the community on the pages by describing the forums on which she visited for people with the disorder, or as she called, “FDers”. The first forum she visited was mostly comprised of commentary of people that fell susceptible to the acts of a loved one who was a FDer or suspected that that loved one had FD. The second forum she visited, she found from the first forum via a link in one of its posts. This time the posts in the forums were comprised of actual FDers. She notes that the FD posters have the same layout in their responses. This layout consists of the backstory of the FDer’s illness, how it affected them and their loved ones, expression that they’ve reached their limit with FD, and a request of advice on how to curb the behaviors from the disorder. The role that footnotes play in Wu’s text is providing helpful background information. For example, in the first forum she was in, the doctor in charge of it kept referring patients to his book in his replies to them. Wu then put in a footnote that someone politely called him out on it and that he denied using the forum as a way to advertise his book. In her piece, Wu describes the community by creating a verbal portrait of them, relies on specific sources, and ensures that the reader has a better understanding of her content by including footnotes with information relevant to what she is stating.


Reading Response #3

Posted by Angel Pacheco on

This essay is about the online K-pop community and how they contributed to the death of a K-pop idol named Sulli. I think I would give this essay a 90% overall rating. I feel as though the author did a good enough job but I had some minor issues with certain things. I feel as though they didn’t provide enough background context to really give the reader a deeper understanding of the Kpop community. For example, they only mentioned the “Hallyu Wave” in the beginning but did not bother to explain what this is. That said though, I think they did a good job with the overall structure and development of the essay. I feel like each paragraph has a separate idea that is still connected to the main idea, and it makes the essay, easy to read.


Who Needs Feminism When You Have Femininity?

Posted by bethanie corona on

Overall the essay, “Who Needs Feminism When You Have Femininity?” by Folake Famuyiwa had a clear structure, it was coherent and well organized. I liked the hook she chose to include because it was a good transition from her abstract and also a solid start to her introduction paragraph. The essay provided a compelling analysis and description of their chosen community’s cultural norms of behavior. She had a strong social-scientific interpretation of the subreddit group titled  ‘RedPillWomen’a group of women who believe in many traditionalist conservative views. The author showed an ethnographic perspective by adopting multiple different points of view in your writing, she walks us through feminist ideology and history. She paints a description by pointing out biases: “RedPillWomen’s sidebar lacks any scientific backing behind why their concepts and strategies are full proof.” She also makes sure to include her voice by giving us her insight on the ways the redpillwomen communicate and fail to defend their beliefs. I would give it an A.


Flat Earthers Essay

Posted by Marieme Jiddou on

I chose the essay about flat earthers. The author took quite a long time to get to the actual cultural norms and language. But it was interesting to see how the author added how many haters the community has. When they did get to the cultural norms/language they gave good examples.

For development, I felt like that part he rushed through it because when they were describing the flat earther community they were almost done with their essay.

The author’s essay had a great organization and took us through his experience from beginning to end.

The style of his essay was also well, the sentences were clear and understandable. But I do feel like he repeated some things a few times.

Grammar and spelling weren’t a problem in this essay. For creativity within the essay was not much but the whole idea of flat earthers is a creative topic.

I would give this essay a A-.



Posted by Marieme Jiddou on
Incel is a community online of predominantly western men who come together to share their experiences about their lack of love life due to women. Zack Beauchamp the author of the article states that at the beginning of this group the behaviors were men uplifting and relating to one another’s experiences. But as the group grew it attracted others who began blaming their lack of love life due to women and their judgemental behaviors. The Incel members became much more physical with their opinions and feelings. Hurting those who may not even be the cause of their problems. Their hatred stemmed from women but they began hurting mass amounts of people.
These men usually turn to the online Incel community because they’ve been rejected in real life. They tend to not have much self-confidence which they also blame on women. These behaviors and patterns tell us that the members of this community have been extremely hurt by an action of a female, which destroyed their self-confidence leaving them to believe all women are the same and all women deserve the worst. From an outsider point of view, we see them as angry, misogynist and trauma driven men. ReformedIncel, the creator of Incel and someone who is an insider, has even said that these men have let their rage take over.
Beauchamp’s analysis of this group is that its dangerous group that believes a lot of its hatred comes from evil beings of women. But he also clarified that this group has used universal things such as rejection and turned into hatred, anger, and revenge.  I agree with the author these men took a universal feeling that even the most beautiful human beings feel and turned it into something that can justify their horrible actions.
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